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Aerosense develops its own drone. Domestic UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that achieve highly accurate positioning information acquisition and autonomous flight contribute to drone surveying.
Our VTOL (Vertical takeoff and Landing fixed-wing Aircraft) is increasing its spectrum of activities in domains such as inspection, logistics, and agriculture.


Related Equipments and Systems

Aerosense creates not just drone airframes but also in-house solutions for using drones in a variety of industrial applications. We offer ground control pointair as well as cloud-based data processing services for evaluating photographs captured by drones.


Custom Solution Development

Using drone technology, we can create solutions. We can create user-friendly solutions from the perspective of the field where the drones will be used, leveraging our technical strengths that allow us to manufacture all aspects of drones in-house, from housing and electric circuit design to software development. We can also give drone-related consultancy services.

Features of Aerosense

One-stop development system from hardware to software

Aerosense has an in-house integrated development system that covers everything from drone hardware to software, enabling us to provide easy-to-use solutions in various industrial fields, from aircraft to analysis software.

With a development system that leverages the Sony Group's technological capabilities and quality and the mobility of a venture company, we are able to quickly provide solutions that are suited to the sites where drones are actually used.

Providing advice on drone selection, operation, and safety support system

We not only sell drone aircraft, but also provide thorough introduction support and after-sales follow-up services, including the selection of the most appropriate aircraft for the application and usage conditions, guidance on related laws and regulations, advice on on-site operations, safety instruction, and regular inspections of the aircraft. By accompanying customers until they are actually able to fly drones, we have established a system that makes it easy for first-time drone users to get involved.

Utilized for surveying more than 3,000 locations nationwide
Abundant experience and development capabilities leading the Japanese drone industry

With a proven track record in construction and other surveying fields, Aerosense drones are already in use at more than 3,000 sites nationwide in Japan.
We are also actively working to develop and improve the performance of our VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) fixed-wing drone, "Aerobo Wing," and other drones that will further expand the range of drone applications. We will contribute to the popularization and technological development of domestically produced drones by leveraging our product capabilities and practical application know-how.

Feel free to contact us regarding the made-in-Japan industrial drones.

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